24 Things Customers Are Really Looking For From a Salesperson



If your intention is to be the best salesperson in your industry, the first thing that you must understand is that listening is the most important part sales. When I wanted to know what my customers wanted a salesperson to do, or act, I called them, listened and made great notes.


Question: Do most of you out there believe that most prospects will sell themselves if you simply ask the right questions and shut your mouth and listen? If not, you better think again. The old 80/20 rule is still in effect. Spend 80 percent of the call listening and 20 percent or less speaking.


The day of the "easy sale" is long gone, as if it was ever here. The proverbial low hanging fruit just isn't there any longer. What this means to sales people is they must be more prepared than ever to over come customer objections and get the sale.


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